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Tips on how to Repair a Broken Neck on your Gibson Les Paul Guitar
(Gibson Les Paul Headstock Repair - See below neck repair tutorial)

One of the most sensitive and vulnerable component to an electric gibson guitar stands out as the neck of the guitar; the actual most delicate area of the guitar neck is where the actual guitar neck and the headstock connect. If your guitar neck is cracked or broken, normally, this is the place where it takes place. You are able to usually repair the Gibson Les Paul electric guitar neck, however some fractures are definitely more easily repaired when compared to others. The particular repair service is going to take approximately half an hour however the Gibson Les Paul really should sit for twenty four hours before you decide to enjoy it.

1 - Take off the guitar strings and also the guitar tuners. Take off the actual tuners using a Phillips-head screwdriver and then keep your tuners and anchoring screws collectively inside a bowl.

2 - Cover the actual neck of the guitar beneath the fracture within newspaper and tape. This in turn helps prevent undesired adhesive from getting about the neck of the guitar. Additionally tape the parts of the actual headstock above the fracture.

3 - Apply a ample quantity of glue to each side within the fracture. Specialized musical instrument makers use Titebond Glue whenever creating and restoring musical instruments. This is a strong resin adhesive. Nonetheless, any good-quality wood adhesive is appropriate.

4 - Press the fracture together strongly. Using a buddy to have an additional set of hands will help.

5 - Secure the region using a clamp. Choose the ideal placement of the clamp exactly where it offers by far the most tension to hold on to the actual neck of the guitar and headstock jointly. Tighten up the clamp right up until you begin to see the adhesive oozing out of the split. Clean away excessive glue using a moist rag.

6 - Affix several smaller sized clamps for added strength. Clean away the excess stick using the moist cloth once again. Leave the actual clamps on not less than twenty four hours.

7 - Remove the particular clamps. Examine the actual restoration job. Help to make the actual fracture and restoration much less noticeable using a touch-up paint.

Tips on how to Replace the Guitar neck on your own Gibson Les Paul Electric guitar

A broken guitar neck could very well render a electric guitar unplayable, which inturn will make fixing it correctly particularly crucial for an high-priced model such as the Gibson Les Paul . Exchanging a set neck is challenging and also really quite pricey; nevertheless, correctly done, it will certainly cost significantly less than purchasing a replacement electric guitar.

1 - Establish that the actual guitar neck genuinely needs to be swapped out. Changing a set guitar neck will be pretty challenging and also expensive. In plenty of instances, fixing the actual neck of the guitar will certainly end up being less expensive and also more effective.

2 -
Steam the actual guitar neck joint. As soon as the actual glue becomes sticky, very carefully draw off the actual damaged guitar neck.

3 - Sand away the leftover adhesive residue on the body just after it gets dried out once again.

4 - Obtain your replacement guitar neck either through building it by yourself or alternatively getting it custom constructed. Set in place guitar neck joints are usually not really as standardised as bolt-ons, therefore this particular guitar neck really should in fact be constructed to physically fit the actual body of the particular electric guitar.

5 - Verify that unquestionably the guitar neck fits the actual joint and also angles properly once inserted within the body. In the event that it isn't going to angle correctly, the particular guitar neck will probably either have to be sanded down or even small bits of wood added in between the actual guitar neck and body in order to acquire the correct angle.

6 - Glue the guitar neck to the body using higher prime quality wood adhesive. Make certain it's sitting at just the angle you would like while the glue cures. In the event that your guitar neck happens to be in a incorrect position once the adhesive solidifies, you are going to have to remove it and attempt the process all over again.

7 - Sand away all the excess glue soon after it cures. If wanted, refinish the actual body system and guitar neck in order to conceal the actual neck joint.

Tips & Warnings

Commonly even extremely serious appearing breaks or cracks tend to be really quite effortlessly repaired; guitar neck replacing really should usually be earmarked for exchanging twisted or warped necks or necks of which are actually damaged so seriously of which the actual wood is not really repairable. In the event the guitar neck needs to be swapped out, make sure to find out if your guitar remains covered under manufacturer's warranty. It can be possible to get the guitar neck exchanged or even obtain a replacement guitar for virtually no expense through Gibson or maybe the dealer in the event that the sort of damage is actually covered within warranty. For those who have a customized guitar neck designed, it’s likely that the majority of luthiers or companies can do the installation for very little to no expense.

Changing the electric guitar neck ought to be done extremely cautiously and just as a last measure. It's very possible to wreck the electric guitar through carrying this out improperly. Changing a set guitar neck is actually tricky, even for skilled luthiers. Individuals without having wood working knowledge really should seriously contemplate using a professional luthier carry out this particular restoration. Refer to the instructions for any wood glue or finish you make use of. Every different brand may possibly work somewhat differently when it comes to drying periods, and so on.

Gibson Les Paul Headstock Repair

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